Video is arguably the single most important tool for improving one’s skill. It not only pinpoints the issues or flaws within a player’s mechanics, but it helps the player understand what is being done versus what needs to be done.

The Benefits Of Our Video Analysis

Our analysis is more productive than an actual lesson, here are some reasons why:

  • We analyze the player's game swing. An instructor doing a lesson looks at a player's practice swing. Swinging in a game involves an emotional element that simply cannot be captured in a lesson
  • Students at lessons forget most of what the instructor teaches them after they walk out the door. We provide something tangible that you can review and revisit at any time
  • We believe in making lessons affordable for all. Our Video Analysis costs a fraction of what you will likely pay for a lesson

Video Analysis in 3 easy steps

Get your video analyzed by one of our coaches in three easy steps

  • Record your video as per the suggested recording instructions listed below
    Note: We strongly recommend you submit game video. Watching a player during a game is capturing them in their truest form
  • Upload your video
  • Receive a detailed analysis within 2-4 business days

Sample Analysis

Submit Your Video $29.95per submission

Video Analysis

$29.95per submission

Submit Your Video

Recording Instructions

To ensure that we can provide the most effective feedback, it is critical that your video is recorded using the best possible angles. Here are some guidelines on how to do so

Catching Video Tips

From behind: Film this angle during practices and/or games

From side: Film this angle during practices and/or games

From front side: During practice, film catcher from the front side

Hitting Video Tips

Side angle: Film from hitter's open side. Allows us to see hitter's hand path, stride length, hip rotation, balance at contact, and point of contact

From behind: Allows us to see hitter's balance, path of hands, and hip rotation

Infield Defense Video Tips

  • Position yourself directly behind home plate
  • Keep the camera on the infielder at all times, even after they throw the ball to first
  • You can also film from behind the infielder; at an angle that will include the first baseman. This will help us track their throws to first

Pitching / Throwing Video Tips

From behind: Film from behind the home plate

From side: Film from open side