Improving your skill at something, on or off the field is usually the result of a consistent effort over a period of time that requires hard work, dedication and a passion for what you do. The School of Baseball aims to play an active role in helping players, parents and coaches understand these and other values; with the expectation that what is learned is applied to all areas of their lives, and not just baseball. Our goal is to help players, coaches and parents achieve this through online tutorials, blogs, videos, speaking engagements, and more.

Jason Aquilante

The School of Baseball

The School of Baseball was founded on the belief that Baseball is not just a sport, but an educational opportunity that can benefit kids for many years beyond their playing days.

My playing days ended on May 27, 2001, my senior year at Wake Forest University. We just captured our third ACC Championship in four years, and were awarded the #1 seed in the NCAA Knoxville Regional. We were upset by the #4 seed, Tennessee Tech, in our opening game. We rolled through our next three games beating Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, and the University of Tennessee. But losing that first one put a strain on our pitching staff, and we eventually came up short in the Championship game against Tennessee.

I remember feeling devastated. Devastated that it was my last collegiate game in a four-year span that included three ACC Championships; a top ten national ranking; four NCAA appearances; a Super Regional appearance; and the chance to play alongside some of the greatest guys you could imagine.

A lot has happened since May 2001, including a two-year stint as an assistant coach at the College of William & Mary; but baseball continues to play an integral role in my life. I won’t go into all of the details (as I am sure I will be sharing some of them through various blog postings); but I owe most of what I have today to what I have learned through playing (and coaching) baseball. Yes, I received an outstanding education from one of the most prestigious universities in the country; but I attribute most of what I have achieved to lessons learned on the diamond. And through the years, many others that have played collegiately or professionally reiterate those same thoughts.

If we can help youth baseball players improve their skills, we believe they will continue to play the game. And as our mission statement reads, developing and enhancing skills requires a dedicated, sustained effort over time. The longer they play (and the more time spent developing/enhancing their skills), the chances increase that they will continue their personal development in ways that will benefit them for years to come.